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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Precompile JSPs, avoid thousands of servlets?
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2012 19:41:33 GMT
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On 3/15/12 2:29 PM, Nick Williams wrote:
>> It seems reasonable that Jasper could be separated from the core
>> of Tomcat.
> We may consider attempting integrating Jasper into our product at a
> later date to see if that works. Not in this version of the
> product, however.
>> Are you simply trying to reduce the first-access time of each
>> JSP?
> The performance improvement is always nice, but irrelevant. That
> can be achieved with startup compilation. The bigger issue is
> making sure that all of our JSPs compile. We can compile them at
> build time, but that only guarantees they'll compile for that
> particular version of that particular server. At one point, we had
> two JSPs that would compile in Tomcat 5.5.26-5.5.33 and Tomcat
> 6.0.20-6.0.32, but not Tomcat 5.5 < 5.5.26, not Tomcat 6 > 6.0.32,
> and not Tomcat 7. We have since fixed this issue and are trying to
> bring our JSPs to a more stable state.

Gotcha. Please tell me you are using the Tomcat precompiler and not
just deploying the webapp and trying to hit all of the URLs. Tomcat
has a precompiler for (I believe) all currently-supported versions.

> (We didn't build this product from the ground up, by the way, just
> in case you were wondering. We acquired it from a single developer
> who had written all 1.1 million lines of code by himself, never
> shared the details of the code with anyone else, never used any
> 3rd-party frameworks, never used any design patterns, and had
> ported (read: not re-written) the project from Pascal to C++/MFC to
> Java/Java EE over the course of 20 years.)

I've been there. I was on a consulting gig once where we replaced
about 70% of the code of the product with 3rd-party OSS libraries that
had been written after the inception of the project, but the original
developers never had the inclination to switch. Things like logging
frameworks, O-R mappers, and even a rudimentary XSLT engine (but it
wasn't called that at the time).

It's amazing what people will write all by themselves.

- -chris
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