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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Web service not starting up as expected
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2012 02:39:00 GMT
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On 3/12/12 1:48 PM, Debbie Shapiro wrote:
> -----Original Message----- From: Christopher Schultz
> []
>> For my money, I'd off-load the actual report-generation to an 
>> out-of-process (duh) process and pick-up the result when it's
>> done. That way, your webapp doesn't become unstable even if one
>> report runs out of memory.
> Yes, in our situation, it's usually someone running a HUGE report 
> that takes the server down. Your last paragraph, how would one 
> off-load the report-generation? Is it possible to do this with a 
> third party application? I don't have access to their code. I'm
> just implementing their solution.

You'd have to talk to the vendor about that. Given that they don't
seem very responsive to other issues (leaking memory like a sieve),
they will probably tell you that their reporting solution is
first-rate and there's no reason to take it out-of-band.

Depending on the types of reports, you could look into using
JasperReports (no-cost, OSS... we use it). You *do* have to write your
own reports, but the framework is there and no webapp is required
unless you want one.

- -chris
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