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From Marcel Stör <>
Subject IIS connector, several connectors with different authentication to one Tomcat
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2012 13:05:28 GMT
a) /myapp authenticated against AD for all users with Windows authentication
b) /myapp/API authenticated against AD for /one/ user with basic-auth

The plan was to have two sites in IIS with appropriate authentication 
schemes. They both have a 'jakarata' virtual directory pointing to one 
and the same physical path (DLL etc.).
Then we wanted to alter the security settings on the directory excluding 
all but one user for requirement b). Since this modifies the security 
settings of the physical folder we'd have to install the IIS Tomcat 
connector a second time pointing to the same AJP port (one Tomcat instance).

Should this work in general?
Are there better alternatives to implement the given requirements?


Marcel Stör,
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