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From Casper Wandahl Schmidt <>
Subject Re: make Tomcat reachable on internet
Date Fri, 02 Mar 2012 10:57:37 GMT
(I top-post to follow the standard in this thread)

It can be done without putting the machine in DMZ as well. I use 
portforwarding to forward port 80 in my router to my server (port 80 as 
well). There I have Apache Httpd running which then talks to tomcat (I 
also have port 8080 forwarded so that tomcat can be reached directly but 
domain.tld:8080 i inconvenient and I need php, therefore httpd is up and 
running on port 80).

I have dynamic IP as well but my dns-provider have a webservice which 
can be used to change my ip to the one sending the request. This means 
that I have e cronjob on my ubuntu server running each 20 minutes. It 
uses curl to call the webservice with the appopriate domain, username 
and password and if my IP is changed since the last call the 
dns-provider will change it to the new IP for me :)

Kind regards

Den 02-03-2012 11:12, Ermal Aliraj skrev:
> I guess you need to add an static IP to your router and do a mapping with
> your local ip (macchine where tomact is running)
> In my case I can do that accessing to the router then
> Firewall->DMZ
> Here I have a table with two fields:
> - Public IP Address
> - Client PC IP Address
> Public Ip is an ip assigned randomly from my ISP but it changes every 2-3
> days, because I don't have a STATIC ip.
> Client ip is the internal ip of the macchine in my LAN, usually 192.168.1.x
> In this way you can access your application typing outside your LAN:
> publicip:port/ApplicationName
> Ermal
> 2012/3/2 David Kerber<>
>> On 3/1/2012 5:55 PM, giovo87 wrote:
>>> is this the only one solution?
>>> changing some router's configurations or ubuntu's firewall configurations
>>> can i have the same result?
>> Actually, you'll have to change BOTH of those to allow the port you want
>> through.  And then your ISP also has to allow incoming connections on the
>> desired port.  I have done this, but I had to sign up for a business
>> account with my ISP, because their TOS didn't allow me to run a server on a
>> home acct.
>> D
>>> there must be another way...
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