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From Bilal S <>
Subject Re: [OT] problems with performance with IIS 7.5 and Tomcat Connector
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 20:19:37 GMT
> >>
> >
> > If you believe that the problem is localized around the connector have
> you
> > tried to bypass it to verify that assumption and create a baseline?
> > If you used IIS HTTP proxy what are the results?
> > If you were hitting the tomcat servers on HTTP directly (no IIS) what are
> > the results?
> > If you used an alternate connector (BonCode) (I dare not write the URL
> > since then the Tomcat guys are going to jump on me for daring to suggest
> > other solutions not invented here)
> I'll bite.
> 1. Bilal announces release of his (?) connector.
> 2. Bilal responds to a user configuration problem by suggesting they
> uses another connector, the one referred to in #1.
> 3. Repeat #2.
> Personally* I don't object to you promoting your(?) project here.
> It's just that not disclosing that when you're helping another user by
> suggesting they use your(?) project instead of fixing the actual issue
> seems a bit off.
> p
> * I'm one person, it's just my own view

Thank you for sharing. I appreciate your comments. I will highlight this in
subsequent interactions.
In the end, I am trying to help. If any of my projects can assist, I
consider it gravy but not the end goal. After all, my name being unique
would have made this obvious to anyone who can handle a command prompt.
You will also note that I am asking for collection of data to diagnose the
issues given. I hope you do not consider data collection and analysis
counterproductive and relegate this to "not fixin the issue".

I am willing to learn but finding the Apache related processes singularly
difficult to deal with. We are working with mailing list, in the age of
websites and social media. Yahoo groups met the light of day in the late
90's yet there is no web-forum available. There is no easy to find contact
form anywhere on the Apache websites.
Yet, there seems to be a lot emotions floating around in this list. This in
a way is good. It speaks of passion and dedication. I would ask that this
passion is directed toward assistance and innovation. This probably will go
farther than anything else.

Feel free to email me directly if you want to chat.

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