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From Pradeep Fernando <>
Subject Re: starting connectors after the tomcat startup
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2012 17:58:18 GMT

Let me explain my scenario. I'm running tomcat inside an OSGi
environment. There I create http.service out of tomcat. I do that in a
servlet init method and set the loadOnStartup to '1' for that

Now during the server startup my http.service get exposed and other
bundles make use of that service. Since the starting order of my
bundles depends on the OSGi service dependencies, my application is
ready to process request only when all the bundles are ready. At that
point i want start the connectors.

The problems is, When I call Tomcat.start() it starts connectors as
well. If I call Tomcat.init(), it does not initiate my servlet which,
in-turn registers the http.service.


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