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From Andres Aguado <>
Subject Re: Enabling JMX Remote Ports to connect Tomcat server remotelly with jconsole tool
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2012 16:26:49 GMT
Hi, first, for me there is a powerfull reason for maintain 5.5
version. This is the initial version and application is working fine
now, and I think that i'm not prepare to execute the upgrade, i don't
know how and where to begin.

And second, i'm trying to compile to
get class file (i think that i must do this, but not sure), and i'm
getting this error. Here is one example, but it's appearing me 11
errors like this one.

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_22\bin>javac -classpath
c:\ -Xlint
warning: [path] bad path element
no such file or directory
c:\ cannot find symbol
symbol  : class Lifecycle
location: package org.apache.catalina
import org.apache.catalina.Lifecycle;

I've created .java file copying text from internet, as attached

The last, I've checked catalina-optional.jar but no similar class
could be found inside, i suppose that i must copy into this jar file
the .class file obtained after compiling .java file, but this is my

Thanks a lot for your time, it's very appreciated


2012/2/9 Pid <>:
> On 09/02/2012 14:03, Rainer Jung wrote:
>> On 09.02.2012 13:51, Andres Aguado wrote:
>>> Hi Guys!
>>>      First of all, I want to be grateful for help. I'm (very) newbie
>>> with apache-tomcat world, level 1 (I've installed Tomcat sucessfully
>>> once ;-) )
>>>      Well, I've a Tomcat 5.5.27 version with an application in
>>> production environment and i've installed the same version for windows
>>> on a VM-WiXP to test configuration before applying changes to
>>> production server
>>>      And I want to monitorize the application remotelly through
>>> jconsole. So, I've added this lines to catalina startup script:
>>> set
>>> (When all works I'll
>>> add authentication, but now i need to run jconsole.)
>>>     Now I'm accesible to 8999 port (RMI Registry?) telneting, but
>>> jconsole outputs a connection error. I've executed netstat -an command
>>> and I've seen that 8999 port connextion is STABLISHED, but there is
>>> another port (48657) to the tomcat ip in SYN_WAIT.
>>>      Well, I've been reading documentation and it seems that i must
>>> configure manually an additional port to connect through jconsole
>>> because this port is a random port (RMIServer and RMIConnection?) and
>>> it's a problem to gain access through firewalls
>>>      I've been reading more information and I've arrived to this document
>>>       Then, I've added<Listener
>>> className="org.apache.catalina.mbeans.JMXAdaptorLifecycleListener"
>>> namingPort="8999" port="48657" host="tomcatservername" />
>>>       This is the point i'm blocked. Tomcat doesn't start, and
>>> catalina.out file shows this error:
>>> SEVERE: Begin event threw exception
>>> java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
>>> org.apache.catalina.mbeans.JMXAdaptorLifecycleListener
>>>      I've been looking for JMXAdaptorLifecycleListener, but i don't
>>> know how to make it works.
>>> Could anyone help me?
>> I think for TC 5.5 the class is not included in the binary downloads.
>> You need to grab a source download and build it using Java 5.
>> When building using Java 1.4.2 which IMHO is the default for a release,
>> the class can't be build.
>> Check your jar files, the class should be in catalina-optional.jar.
>> Starting with Tomcat 6 this functionality is available as a separate
>> Jar, which is part of the so-called "extra" downloads (in the extra
>> folder underneath the bin folder.
> +1  Is there a reason you can't use a newer version, like 7.0 Andres?
> p
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