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From Alex Samad - Yieldbroker <>
Subject IIS 7.5 + tomcat connector and threading issue
Date Sun, 12 Feb 2012 23:26:32 GMT

Had an issue over the weekend, rolling out a prod system. So

Clients -> 2 x  NLB+IIS+RP  -> 2 x JBoss on Rhel -> DB

I have installed the tomcat connector on IIS. I had issues appear when IIS recycled. It was
setup for over lapping recycling.

It seem like the problem was load balancer locking.  We had approx. 500-600 connections on
and when the recycle happened, they started to get 500 errors.  We stop overlapping recycling
and turned on pessimistic locking for the load balancer.  Our IIS virtual host is setup in
a web garden mode, meaning there are 4 processes each with their own threads.

So 4 process + multiple threads + 1 shard memory  op locking didn't work for us... understandable

So we moved to pessimistic locking - didn't really see any performance hit there.

But there still seems to be corruption with over lapping recycling of threads.

Basically the difference as far as I can is when a recycle is initiated, for overlapping the
old connections are allowed to die of whilst new ones are created... whereas non overlapping
the old are closed and a new processes are started

We would like to go back to overlapping, but not if it corrupts the share memory and makes
JK throw lots of 500's


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