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From "Robinson, Eric" <>
Subject RE: Free Memory vs. Total Memory vs. Max Memory
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2012 20:03:57 GMT
> > If your application 
> needs 64MB of 
> > Heap space and you allocate only -Xms16M, then right at the 
> start the 
> > JVM will have to increase the Heap to 64MB (minimum); so 
> why would you 
> > do that ?

64MB was just a number I threw out. The app actually uses about 20MB at
startup, so we might consider setting the minimum pool to 25M.

> I can see the lure of "only taking what you need" and 
> allowing the JVM to automatically re-size the memory space: 
> that way, you only take up a huge chunk of memory during peak 
> load and not all the time.
> But why?
> If you are going to need, say, 512MiB at peak load, you're 
> going to need that memory available whether or not it is 
> allocated to the JVM itself at any given time. If that's the 
> case, why not let the JVM have that memory all the time?

Because the server has about 100 instances of tomcat. They do not all
need the memory at the same time.


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