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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: mod_jk doesn't map to software-generated web address, but maps to this address when I enter it into browser
Date Fri, 17 Feb 2012 22:28:14 GMT
Rainer Jung wrote:

> No no no: as I said multiple times now, the string 
> "" in the "missing 
> uri map" mod_jk log message means: the VirtualHost that handles 
> "" has not JkMount defined, so it can't map the URI 
> "/mywebapp/flex_wizard_project". The space after the colun is just 
> missing in the log message.

Ok, so it looks like this thread is in need of a "reset", and we need to stop speculating

on what the Adobe Flex-thing may be sending in the URI.
Let's assume that part is OK, and concentrate on the VirtualHost configuration, since that

is where the problem seemed to originate.

Dear Original Poster, could you repost once again your current Apache + mod_jk 
configuration (the one currently working), preferably in a new message in plain text (not

html) ?

Particularly, we will want to see the following directives :
- Listen
- NameVirtualHost

- <VirtualHost ..> sections, with each
    ServerName and ServerAlias

- Jk* directives

preferably as complete as possible, in the order in which they are in the httpd.conf, and

clearly showing what is inside and outside of the <VirtualHost> sections.

And then also, the exact URL which you are using now and which works, starting with 

But with text-only notes, not with color or anything which doesn't really come through on

this list.  Assume that all of us only have very basic email clients that can show only 
pure text.

Somehow, it seems that keeping responding to your original message, even after editing, 
still messes up things rather badly, at least with my Thunderbird email client.
So it may be better to type everything anew, starting with an empty message, and not copy

parts of messages sent before.

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