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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Almost all threads are in "P" status
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2012 17:19:47 GMT
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On 2/14/12 3:12 AM, 止观梅 wrote:
> I'm encountering a problem: 1. almost all threads are in "P"
> status, and occasionally there is 1 or 2 in "S" or "R" status,

Are you talking about looking at the threads in 'top' or somewhere
else? Java thread dumps usually say something like "RUNNING" as their
status, and 'top' (on Linux) doesn't have a 'P' state. So, what are
you talking about?

> 2. and there is no slow query on MySQL side, because I can't catch
> any process with command "show full processlist",

Oh, so you're running MySQL? Are you talking about OS threads or Java

> 3. while tomcat connection rate is merely less than 30req/s,

Oh, good. Tomcat is somewhere in this mix.

> 4. and tomcat CAN response correct result page in acceptable time(1
> second)


> Software information: apache-tomcat-7.0.6

You seriously need to upgrade: 7.0.6 was the first non-beta version of
Tomcat 7.0.x and many many things have been fixed since then. Current
version is 7.0.25.

> Screenshot: please refer to attachment.

Images are stripped from posts. Please either ZIP the screenshot
(sometimes works), post the screnshot somewhere like dropbox and give
us a link, or try to describe what the screenshot shows.

> Question: 1. is this situation(full of "P" status) problematic?

That depends on what 'P' means. If it means "*P*erfectly Fine" then I
suspect things are okay.

> 2. how to explain the situation?(waiting for Http request body?
> sounds unreasonable!)

If you want to know what Tomcat is doing, take a thread dump.

- -chris
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