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From "Terence M. Bandoian" <>
Subject Path parameters and getRequestURI
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2012 22:16:03 GMT
  On 1:59 PM, Christopher Schultz wrote:
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> All,
> There was a change in 6.0.33 (and it has always been the case in
> 7.0.x?) that HttpServletRequest.getRequestURI now returns path
> parameters as part of the URI. That notably includes the URL-encoded
> jsessionid that Tomcat uses when the availability of cookies on the
> client is set to be determined.
> I have a Filter that checks to see if the user is accessing a
> particular set of predefined pages and redirects them if they don't
> hit any of them.
> Needless to say, without any changes to my code, anyone who hits this
> filter who either has cookies disabled or is in the middle of an
> authentication ritual that redirects to the original page is going to
> have a problem.
> Is it safe to simply remove everything after the initial ";" if I'm
> not interested in any path parameters? I don't want to just trim-off
> that kind of thing blindly if there are any gotchas that I should be
> aware of.
> Can anyone think of a reason I can't just do that?
> Thanks,
> - -chris

Hi, Chris-

What about using HttpServletRequest.getServletPath()?

-Terence Bandoian

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