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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Can a separate web application have a separate memory pool
Date Sun, 05 Feb 2012 23:27:26 GMT
On 05/02/2012 23:19, Josh Gooding wrote:
> Hey guys,
> In .net can you run your application in a shared pool or it's own pool on
> the IIS server, so it doesn't bring down the entire server in the event of
> a OOM error.  Does Tomcat allow you to do this as well?


>  So you can
> basically segregate each application to it's own pool of memory in the
> server.  I updated the servers at work to 6.0.35.  It runs SOOO much faster
> and better, but there is still an application that is doing something funky
> and causing OOM's and that halt's the entire server.  I DID set the initial
> memory pool to 512 and it's max pool to 1532 (1.5GB) but this application
> (yes while poorly written and horribly outdated) is crashing the entire
> server.

Just run the broken app in a separate Tomcat instance.


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