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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Regarding compatibility
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 22:00:55 GMT
Pid wrote:
> On 02/02/2012 15:01, Christopher Schultz wrote:
>> David,
>> On 2/2/12 7:50 AM, David kerber wrote:
>>> On 2/2/2012 6:25 AM, Pid wrote:
>>>> On 02/02/2012 10:27, bhawana rajpurohit wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> This is to ask you that we have Apache 2.2.17 and tomcat
>>>>> 7.0.12.
>>>> Why not upgrade to Apache HTTPD 2.2.22 and Apache Tomcat 7.0.25?
>>>> Go on, it'll be fun!
>>>>> Kindy tell us that whether they are compatible with
>>>>> vtier(virtual Tier) architechture or not.
>>>> Yes.  Unless you're using quantum loop gravity.
>>> Is that open source?  :D
>> I think you want either OpenQuantumLoopGravity or GNQLG (GNU's Not
>> Quantum Loop Gravity). They are, of course, completely incompatible
>> with each other.
> We should start an Incubator wiki proposal page for OpenQuantumLoopGravity.
Oh yes.
The programming language could be called DarkEnergy, and the documentation be written in 
DarkMatter (and it would always include unwritten chapters, named black holes).  The 
language should contain only string variables, but with enough methods and properties to 
make them super-strings. Numeric constants should be relative. Arithmetic expressions 
should be allowed to violate parity, in certain cases. It should also offer graphic 
primitives allowing to draw in at least 11 dimensions (of which up to 7 could be rolled-up).

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