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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: [OT] problems with performance with IIS 7.5 and Tomcat Connector
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 20:38:26 GMT
On 02/02/2012 20:19, Bilal S wrote:
> I am willing to learn but finding the Apache related processes
> singularly difficult to deal with. We are working with mailing list,
> in the age of websites and social media.

Correct. This is deliberate. Mailing lists are the lowest common
denominator and allow the widest possible participation. Not everyone
has an always on internet connection with high bandwidth. For those
folks with bandwidth to spare that prefer a forum interface, there are
third parties that provide it. I love that the tools we use at the ASF
work just as well when I (or anyone else) is at the end of a very slow
mobile data connection in the middle of almost nowhere even though
trying to view a web page from the same place is pretty much impossible
these days.

> There is no easy to find contact form anywhere on the Apache
> websites.

Also correct. The primary form of communication within Apache
communities are the mailing lists and these should be obviously linked
from each project's home page. In Tomcat's case, you'll find the forum
based interfaces linked from the same place.

> Yet, there seems to be a lot emotions floating around in this list.

With a high a volume mailing list such as this, there is an expectation
that folks follow [1] and a distinct lack of patience for folks that
continue to ignore that excellent advice after they have been pointed
towards it.

> This in  a way is good. It speaks of passion and dedication. I would 
> ask that this passion is directed toward assistance and innovation.
> This probably will go farther than anything else.
> Feel free to email me directly if you want to chat.

Off-list communication is discouraged. This is a single community that
communicates through the project mailing lists. This is particularly
important on the dev list. A key element of the "Apache Way" is:
"If it didn't happen on the list, it didn't happen".



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