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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Correct behavior while checking the thread binding in DirContextURLStreamHandler ?
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2012 15:08:03 GMT
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> On 01/02/2012 11:50, Ivan wrote:
>> 2012/2/1 Christopher Schultz <>
>> Of course, you still need to check for null after the loop, so
>> it's not like the change really affects anything other than minor
>> readability.
> No sure whether I understood you clearly,  if a context is binding
> on the current thread, and current context classloader has parent
> classloader, current get method will throw an
> IllegalStateException. So my question is that, in this scenario,
> should the context binded on the thread be ignored ? I did not find
> too many comments on the svn log, while I guess that the logic may
> be : a. Check whether there is a context binding on the current
> context classloader, if does, return it. b. Check whether there is
> a context binding on the current thread, if does, return it. c.
> Check whether there is a context binding on the classloader tree of
> the current context classloader, if does return it. d. Throw an
> IllegalStateException.

I still can't figure out if you think there's an actual bug here.

Is the problem that you object to illogical code? Is there a branch
that does not need to exist because you can prove that a certain
situation will never arise?

I find this kind of thing sometimes when using FindBugs: fb will tell
me that a certain local variable being checked for null somewhere
results in dead-code in the body of the if, like this:

if(null != conn) { conn.close(); }

fb says that "conn" can never be non-null here, so the code is dead. I
always tell fb to ignore that because I don't want to modify the code
sometime in the future such that "conn" *might* be null and forget to
add the null-check (or conn.close) back into the code.

Defensive programming sometimes results in illogical code.

- -chris
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