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From Bilal S <>
Subject Re: BonCode AJP Connector 1.0rc ready - AJP from IIS to Tomcat
Date Sun, 22 Jan 2012 19:39:08 GMT
Sure thing here is the change log between 0.91 to 1

Version Updates:
* Fix: gzip compression handling from servlets. Set correct content
* Fix: install on IIS7 did not write setting file
* Add: Updated troubleshooting information in Manuals

Version Updates:
* Fix: JSP response.sendRedirect() call uses HTTP 302 redirect. Would lead
to timeout.
* Fix: Specific issues with Jetbrains TeamCity application implementation
and protocol behavior (AJAX)
* Fix: Stop waiting on tomcat when redirect directive is given
* Fix: Handle Railo vs. tomcat native variances in File upload behavior
with and without redirects.

Version Updates:
* Add: Installer update. Installation of .net framework feature as option
for windows 7 and windows 2008+
* Add: User friendly error messages when we cannot connect to Apache Tomcat

Version Updates:
* Fix: separate AJP attributes from headers. All present optional http
attributes are transferred even if not processed by tomcat.
* Fix: Recognize misordered packets from Tomcats (out of order GET BODY
CHUNK) and provide proper response. This would result in blank screen.
* Add: add new setting to transfer optional header (x-tomcat-docroot) note
* Add: automatically fix wrong content-length declaration if content is
missing. Fill in empty characters where content is missing. This is not
correct but will continue browser processing.
* Fix: Use of System Timer would leak memory when thread was destroyed
* Fix: AJP protocol header server and port designations send to servlet
container were incorrect when IIS and tomcat were remoted.
* Add: HTTP header Blacklist and Whitelist options in settings file
* Fix: Correct flush protocol detection problem so HTTP flushes can be
detected and spooled to browser.

Version Updates:
* Fix: correct transfer of non-standard headers without the http prefix
added by IIS
* Fix: compatibility with Axis1 projects
* Add: no longer force conversion of text to UTF8. Will pass directly
content as is to browser from tomcat regardless of content-type declaration.
* Add: Setting [ForceSecureSession] to force secure session via SSL. Will
automatically exchange secure session cookies and force all communication
over SSL to the Webserver.
* Add: Settings for timeout tcp/ip connections are exposed and can be
changed by user.

Version Updates:
* Add: Improve http flush detection, add network stream behavior in
addition to timer.
* Fix: Zero content tomcat packages would cause display of error message in
* Fix: ignore binary transfers that contain AJP protocol magic markers
would lead to empty screen.

Version Updates:
* Fix: extend timeout for socket so that longer timeouts in IIS Application
Pool do not result in closed socket errors
* Add: automatic translation of client IPs to account for intermediaries
(load balancers and proxies), e.g. HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR to REMOTE_ADDR
automatic rewrite
* Add: Strong signing of assemblies so project can be placed in GAC (Global
Assembly Cache)

Version Updates:
* Add: setting to show suppressed headers (AllowEmptyHeaders). The
connectors skips headers that do not have data to speed processing. Set to
true to send empty headers as well.
* Add: setting to send path info in alternate http header (PathInfoHeader).
This is to bypass tomcat bug with AJP path-info transfer.
* Fix: Remove default for ResolveRemoteAddrFrom (HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR).
Will now need to be explicitly set to be enabled.

Version 1.0rc Updates:
* Add: installer deploy in GAC mode
* Add: installer configure tomcat server.xml if on same server

The only difference between 1rc and 1 will be scripted deployment options
for the installer (so you put it on many servers easily etc.).


On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 2:02 PM, Jordan Michaels <>wrote:

> Sweet!
> Is there a changelog between the 0.91 release to the 1.0rc release?
> Thanks Bilal!
> -Jordan
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Bilal S" <>
> To: "Tomcat Users List" <>
> Sent: Thursday, January 19, 2012 12:13:00 PM
> Subject: BonCode AJP Connector 1.0rc ready - AJP from IIS to Tomcat
> After close to a year of development and help of countless volunteers
> version 1.0rc is finally available.
> Many thanks to all the people that helped. This was done despite the
> discouragement from the Apache foundation how nuts we were to even try to
> improve this old horse.
> We simply needed a better way to connect IIS and Tomcat, that addressed
> issues that have emerged over the years. Just to name a few:  easier setup,
> better management, more throughput, etc.
> As usual feedback is appreciated.
> Cheers,
> Bilal
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