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From Luciano Andress Martini <>
Subject Re: Problem with apache sharing tomcat files
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2012 11:59:40 GMT
Oh thank you friends now i found a solution, a changed the UID of the
user  www-data to the same as tomcat6 and now it works fine.

2012/1/26, Luciano Andress Martini <>:
> Right. First sorry about my bad english, im from Brazil.
> We have a server running Xen Hypervisor.
> In Domain 0 , we have apache2 and an NFS share.
> ADM, CONV, CRED, ESTAB, SERVIDOR, POS are virtual machines with... tam
> tam tam tam... tomcat6.
> ADM, CONV, CRED, ESTAB, SERVIDOR, POS, have shared files in the NFS of
> Domain 0, cause the systens that run in this tomcat servers, upload
> documents that is important for all the systens.
> For security reasons this machines is not acessible from internet or
> from the local network, so Apache2 in Domain-0 (the "phisical"
> machine) tunnel as a proxy a connection beetween Internet and a
> internal virtual server, for example: https://expressocard/ADM
> automatically go to virtual tomcat machine ADM. This is really fine,
> cool, and fast. And most of all: secure.
> But the upload part of the system is shared by Apache2, as a normal
> directory, but as the user tomcat6 and group tomcat6 (all uploads in a
> system in tomcat goes in that form), wich is not acessible by apache2.
> The tunnel-proxy part /ADM /CONV, etc, is managed by tomcat machines,
> and apache2 just tunnel it, because that, it works.
> But the sharing temp, of the uploads, is really acessed by apache as a
> real dir, and the error is because the files do not have the www-data
> user.
> 2012/1/26, David kerber <>:
>> On 1/26/2012 12:20 PM, Luciano Andress Martini wrote:
>>> Tomcat creates files as tomcat user, which is not acessible by
>>> apache2, how can i correct this, and make apache to share this files?
>> For want of sufficiently detailed information to really help, I'm
>> shooting in the dark here, but try running tomcat as a user to which
>> apache2 has permissions; perhaps the same user as apache is running
>> under.
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