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From Konstantin Kolinko <>
Subject Re: Multiple Comet Requests to the Same Server, from the Same Client
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2012 17:02:56 GMT
2012/1/18 William Speirs <>:
> I have a basic CometProcessor servlet implemented, and everything appears
> to work as expected, except for one small issue: I cannot make multiple
> requests from the same client to the same server.
> My servlet simply sends messages to the client as they come in (think of it
> as a one-sided chat, no POST). This works fine, except when I open a second
> browser to the same server from the same client, I do not see the "void
> event(CometEvent event)" method being called. The browser just sits and
> spins waiting to connect. However, if I connect from a second client (IP
> address), then the "void event(CometEvent event)" method is called, and the
> second client starts receiving messages.

The HTTP specification recommends to have no more than 2 active
connections to the same HTTP server. The web browsers usually respect

IIRC "the same server" = the same DNS name, so different names have
different connection limits.

It should be already discussed elsewhere - try to search.

> It seems as though tomcat (or the comet filter) is limiting the number of
> connections from the same IP address. I have not tested this yet, but that
> would be an issue in NAT situations where all connections would appear to
> come from the same IP address. Thoughts?
> Running:
> tomcat-7.0.6

Too old.

> servlet-api-2.5.jar


> tomcat-*-7.0-SNAPSHOT

Does not make sense.

> Thanks...
> Bill-

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