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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat7 and Apache2 connection configuration (mod_proxy_ajp)
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2012 18:46:25 GMT
baba smith wrote:
> hi
> i'm trying to connect apache 2 with tomcat 7 with a mod_proxy_ajp connector.
> my question is: what is the relation of the tomcat server.xml connector
> configuration and the apache httpd.conf?
> for example, for the connector in the server.xml i can configure all kind of
> timeouts and threads and connections. should these configurations be
> correlated with those of the apace (like worker.c and prefork.c)?
> how can i avoid from accepting in the apache more clients than the tomcat is
> configured to?
That is a very complex matter.
The simple response is : don't touch them.
Meaning : do not specify any of those things, and leave them to their default values, 
which are usually sensible and chosen by people who know what they are doing, to cover the

most usual needs.
And if you start modifying the defaults (to correct a real problem, which you will have 
surely measured first), then modify one setting at a time, making sure that you have read

the on-line documentation about that setting first of all.

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