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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Connectors: Http11Protocol vs. Http11NioProtocol
Date Sat, 28 Jan 2012 22:28:28 GMT
Considering your previous posts, I wasn't really expecting you to take this lying down. 
You haven't disappointed me.  The world is full of wonders.
"Un paquet de m. dans un bas de soie".

bxqdev wrote:
> andre, i'm sorry if i hurt your feelings and trust in humanity,
> try to be positive, try to look on the situation from
> another point of view, the one which is not depressive.
> i hope my question & answer summary upgraded your level of tomcat 
> understanding.
> and that's a good thing, because you wouldn't understand connectors & 
> async servlets
> so well, if i didn't post the question in the first place and make the 
> answer summary
> in the second. i've already thanked both talkers, which makes me a very 
> nice person :)
> and even though slow pid still doesn't understand anything and arrogant 
> mark still
> searches for insignificant typos in my posts, i don't blame them for who 
> they are :)
> i hope everyone enjoyed the thread. thanks everyone. behave well :)
> On 1/28/2012 8:36 PM, André Warnier wrote:
>> Hi.
>> Your original question was
>> quote
>> 1. What are the premises to use either 
>> apache.coyote.http11.Http11NioProtocol or 
>> org.apache.coyote.http11.Http11NioProtocol
>> connectors?
>> 2. Do i get any advantages if i use Sync Servlet Api with 
>> Http11NioProtocol connector or do i have to use Async Servlet Api to
>> get the advantages?
>> 3. How do i choose which one to use in any particular case?
>> unquote
>> and your conclusion is :
>>> well, let's separate the wheat from the chaff and arrogance:
>>> 1. nio connector is useful when one needs to handle a lot of
>>> client connections, keep-alive ones, for example.
>>> 2. async servlet is useful when one app thread can fulfill many 
>>> responses.
>>> 3. communication between connector and async servlet should be called
>>> semi-async, rather than async, because request processing is
>>> sync anyway, although response processing is async.
>>> that could be a simple answer for my question in the first place.
>>> everything else is triteness.
>>> thanks anyway :)
>>> thread can be closed now.
>> If it were to happen that you would have a further need to make use of 
>> this list (or another similar help forum), may I suggest
>> that you fist read and ponder the document at 
>> And if you have read it already, read it again, because you would seem 
>> to have missed its quintessence.
>> I have just been watching this thread, as the underlying technique is 
>> far above my level.
>> But to answer your claims of arrogance and triteness :
>> It already took several exchanges to get you to correct the mistakes 
>> (or should I say the chaff?) in your question, which made
>> it close to nonsensical in the first place.
>> When the persons here who try to help posters in their enquiries asked 
>> you for clarification, your responses seemed to imply
>> that they should have been smart enough to correct your own messiness, 
>> and that you could barely bother yourself to do so.
>> Even after correction, your original questions were so open-ended that 
>> answering them in the manner you seemed to want, would
>> have amounted to providing a free training manual in Connector code 
>> and the relevant aspects of the Servlet Specification.
>> But throughout, you sounded as if such an answer was just your due, 
>> although you are neither paying for the software nor for the
>> help. You did not appear to make any effort in providing information 
>> allowing the persons who were trying to help, to at least
>> be able to focus their explanations and save their time (and yours).
>> By doing this, you managed to goad someone into spending the time to 
>> correct your misunderstandings and misconceptions, and out
>> of their comprehensive answers you then magnanimously extracted what 
>> was important for you, discarding the rest as chaff and
>> triteness.
>> So in the end you got what you probably wanted, and which you could 
>> have gotten much faster, and at less expense of someone
>> else's time, if you had made an effort to write correct and focused 
>> questions in the first place.
>> In this process, you also managed to expose yourself as an arrogant 
>> and egotistical asshole. I hope that the trade-off is worth
>> it to you.
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