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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 7 documentation weaknesses
Date Thu, 26 Jan 2012 09:41:29 GMT
On 26/01/2012 00:18, André Warnier wrote:
> Please see this this as a "constructive critic", not as a complaint.


> The on-line documentation of Tomcat is not always easy-to-use,
> particularly when one is a relatively naive (or new) Tomcat user, and
> does not necessarily know what precise term to look for, or what belongs
> where.


> The main site does have a search box, but it uses Google
> (Eeek, a commercial outfit !)

So what? While the ASF has a preference for eating its own dog food
where possible, it also has zero problems with using (and paying for
where appropriate) commercial services even where an alternative open
source service exists if the commercial service is a better fit for the
problem at hand.

>, and its results are not always what one
> would expect, Tomcat-wise.


> In the above, I may have missed some better links, but at least I think
> that they are not evident.

Patches welcome although some restructuring looks to be necessary as the
list how-to links has become quite long now.

> Does anyone feel like talking to the Apache Lucene people about some
> possible collaboration with the Apache Tomcat site ?

I think there are simpler fixes that can be applied first although
fundamentally what is required is a complete restructuring. I liked what
pid did with the Tomcat 7 start-up page. I'd love to see the whole
website and docs look something like that.

Some other references while I am here:

Some requirements to keep in mind for the documentation pages:
- The source needs to be in svn
- The form that the edits are made in needs to be simple to work with
- We need to be able to generate the HTML as part of the build process
- The website and the docs should have the same look and feel (I'd be
happy if the old docs didn't)

Improving this comes down to someone having the time and the skills to
improve things. As always, volunteers welcome.


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