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From Pid <>
Subject Re: Redirecting apache http requests to tomcat application running on 8080
Date Thu, 26 Jan 2012 08:34:33 GMT
On 26/01/2012 04:56, Monika Solanki wrote:
> I am using tomcat 7.x. I would like to redirect requests to a site on
> apache, port 80 to one of my application running on tomcat, localhost:8080.

Please tell us exactly which version of Tomcat (and anything else that's
relevant, e.g. HTTPD), or we may incorrectly assume the wrong one.
There are now 25 versions of Tomcat 7.0.

> I have set up the proxy and reverse proxy to redirect the request and this
> is working. However the application on tomcat is associated with an xsl
> file which is not being resolved with the redirect. This cause the browser
> to throw an exception when the site is requested on apache. How do I solve
> this problem.

The browser throws an exception or Tomcat does?

Where is the XSL file and which part of the system needs to access it?
For example, is Tomcat rendering the output or is the browser rendering it?




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