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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Tomcat memory requirements
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2012 12:53:03 GMT
On 25/01/2012 11:45, Celso Magalhães Dantas Neto wrote:
> Hey everyone!
> Does anyone knows where I can find any information about Tomcat memory
> requirements?

Tomcat needs less than 20MB to start up. Everything after that depends
on the application and the load level.

> Here's the problem: I got a client who's running a Tomcat process in his
> machine and it is taking around 150MB of RAM and he is complaining about
> it. It's a webapp and for me it's normal to a webapp to take that amount of
> memory, but I want to argue with him with some data.

I have seen Tomcat running on JVMs with memory settings ranging from
32MB to 8GB. 150MB isn't unreasonable at first glance but it all depends
on the app.

> So I'm looking for some Tomcat memory requirements info, even if it's a
> memory requirements to run Tomcat only, with no deployed webapp. It will
> help me to argue with him.

See above. The Tomcat only figure is less than 20MB.

You'll need to use a profiler to determine where the memory is actually

Also note that there is a low memory usage/ low GC pause / high
throughput trade-off. Very simply you can pick any two at the expense of
the third.


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