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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat memory requirements
Date Wed, 25 Jan 2012 12:50:46 GMT
Celso Magalhães Dantas Neto wrote:
> Hey everyone!
> Does anyone knows where I can find any information about Tomcat memory
> requirements?
> Here's the problem: I got a client who's running a Tomcat process in his
> machine and it is taking around 150MB of RAM and he is complaining about
> it. It's a webapp and for me it's normal to a webapp to take that amount of
> memory, but I want to argue with him with some data.
> So I'm looking for some Tomcat memory requirements info, even if it's a
> memory requirements to run Tomcat only, with no deployed webapp. It will
> help me to argue with him.

I do not speak Portuguese, but let me suggest the quickest and cheapest way to respond to

your customer : buy the amount of RAM needed to run your application, and offer it to him.
The current price is somewhere around 15 US$ per GigaByte.
By the time you end discussing the matter with him, you will have spent much more than that.

And tell your customer that his portable phone probably has more memory in it, than his 

Tomcat is a Java application; your webapp running inside Tomcat is also a Java 
application; and Java needs (comparatively) a lot of RAM to work well.
150 MB is absolutely nothing in that context.  Just for an idea : we have a Tomcat with a

single (and simple) webapp, and depending on the number of users, we allocate up to 2048 
MB to the Java heap for Tomcat.

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