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From James Lampert <>
Subject Re: More, Re: Problem bringing up SSL with a CA certificate
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2012 00:41:32 GMT
Dear Igor (et al):

Thanks for getting back to me. To answer the questions (and pose a few 

Igor Cicimov wrote:

> Are you sure you have downloaded the correct intermediate certs?

I didn't download them myself; neither did I place the order. But I'll 
pass this on to the fellow who did.

>  *Note:* When executing the command to import the SSL certificate, you must
> specify the actual *Alias* used when you initially created the keystore. If

The results are exactly the same whether I specify the alias (and yes, 
it's the correct one; this I did set myself) or not.

One thing I noticed: the Thawte instructions call for importing first 
the primary, then the secondary, then the purchased certificate. Yet 
when I do a keytool -list on the keystore, it comes up in a different 
> secondary, Jan 18, 2012, trustedCertEntry,
> Certificate fingerprint (MD5): EB:A3:71:66:38:5E:3E:F4:24:64:ED:97:52:E9:9F:1B
> wintouch, Jan 18, 2012, trustedCertEntry,
> Certificate fingerprint (MD5): 55:D7:4D:D4:83:01:D6:E0:EB:A4:F3:9A:06:BD:87:38
> primary, Jan 18, 2012, trustedCertEntry,
> Certificate fingerprint (MD5): D6:6A:92:1C:83:BF:A2:AE:6F:99:5B:44:E7:C2:AB:2A

Would this be a reason to suspect that the person who got the certs 
either (a) got the wrong secondary for the certificate purchased, (b) 
purchased the wrong kind of certificate for HTTPS, or (c) both?


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