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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Multiple Comet Requests to the Same Server, from the Same Client
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2012 16:56:41 GMT
William Speirs wrote:
> I have a basic CometProcessor servlet implemented, and everything appears
> to work as expected, except for one small issue: I cannot make multiple
> requests from the same client to the same server.
> My servlet simply sends messages to the client as they come in (think of it
> as a one-sided chat, no POST). This works fine, except when I open a second
> browser 

really a second, different browser ? or another window/tab from the same browser ?
(if the second case, it may be re-using the same local IP:port (or just the same 
established connection) to "connect" to the server, and that may explain why the server 
appears not to react.

Just a thought..  before digging further.

Note: I use "connect" between quotes, because I don't really know what would happen in 
such a scenario.  If in fact the second window just listens for received messages on that

same connection, but the first window grabs everything already, something may get confused

there... just like me for now.

to the same server from the same client, I do not see the "void
> event(CometEvent event)" method being called. The browser just sits and
> spins waiting to connect. However, if I connect from a second client (IP
> address), then the "void event(CometEvent event)" method is called, and the
> second client starts receiving messages.
> It seems as though tomcat (or the comet filter) is limiting the number of
> connections from the same IP address. I have not tested this yet, but that
> would be an issue in NAT situations where all connections would appear to
> come from the same IP address. Thoughts?
> Running:
> tomcat-7.0.6
> servlet-api-2.5.jar
> tomcat-*-7.0-SNAPSHOT
> Thanks...
> Bill-

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