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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: [OT] TC7 + AntCompiler problems with whitespace in pathname
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2012 10:11:55 GMT
Kees Jan Koster wrote:
> Dear all,
>> Now about whether this is a bug in Tomcat or its documentation : I am fairly sure
that not long ago, I saw a strong warning somewhere in the on-line Tomcat documentation, about
not using spaces in pathnames somewhere, as it was not supported by some component.
> Perhaps the Tomcat start script can issue a warning in case spaces are found in the path?
You know, I think that this is a lost battle.  The habit is by now so entrenched that 
there is probably nothing anyone can do by now to extirpate this, other than designing a 
new OS where this is forbidden.  And you'd still have to deal with funny imported foreign

file names and paths.
But I keep on reacting to issues to do with withespace in pathnames, just because I 
believe that there is not one programmer alive in the whole world, who has not had some 
problem with this at some point.
So if you can save yourself the trouble, by installing Tomcat in some pathname which makes

sense and is not a pain to type and forget to quote somewhere, you'll always do yourself a

favor in the end.

P.S. In our current globalised world, similar issues exist with filenames containing 
characters that can perhaps be displayed everywhere, but not /typed/ on all keyboards.

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