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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: TC7 + AntCompiler problems with whitespace in pathname
Date Tue, 17 Jan 2012 09:21:36 GMT wrote:
> ### Summary
> TC fails to compile JSP when 1) the compiler is AntCompiler and 2) there
> is a whitespace somewhere in the pathname to TC home dir.

Personal opinion : you should not do that (use paths with spaces in them).  It was a 
stupid idea to allow this in the first place, and the person who first implemented this in

an operating system should be found and shot (or at least be awarded an IgNobel prize; or

have the costs of this over the years deducted from their old-age pension).  It always 
brings problems somewhere down the line, and not only with Tomcat.

And I really, really do not understand why the people who make the installer of the 
Windows version of Tomcat - and who are undoubtedly otherwise pretty smart people - are 
compounding the issue by installing this by default in a sub-directory named "Apache 
Software Foundation".

Now about whether this is a bug in Tomcat or its documentation : I am fairly sure that not

long ago, I saw a strong warning somewhere in the on-line Tomcat documentation, about not

using spaces in pathnames somewhere, as it was not supported by some component.
It may have been somewhere related to "deployment".

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