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From Kiran Badi <>
Subject Re: OT: Breadcrumbs Tomcat 7.0.11
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2012 23:47:23 GMT
Yes Terence, IE adds the trailing slash, but other browsers dont, thats 
one of the reason it fails in other browser other than IE.

On 1/11/2012 9:58 PM, Terence M. Bandoian wrote:
> On 1:59 PM, Kiran Badi wrote:
>> Sorry I need some more help, have one more weird issue at my plate now,
>> I am using base tag and pulling out the webapplication context path 
>> to it like this so that all links in the page becomes relative to 
>> this path,i am doing something like below,
>> <base href="${pageContext.request.contextPath}">
>> which resolves to  " /mydomain"/  in IE and base tag looks like this 
>> <base href="/mydomain"/> in IE and  in other browers like 
>> ff/chrome/opera/safari it resolves to "/mydomain" and base tag here 
>> looks like <base href="/ourstory">
>> however all links resolves perfectly fine in IE and when I click on 
>> any link, it opens perfectly fine with path 
>> http://localhost:8080/mydomain/link1.jsp but the same link when 
>> checked via other browser like FF/Opera/chrome/safari it says page 
>> not found and gives me 404 error.The same link path now looks like 
>> http://localhost:8080/link1.jsp in those browsers.
>> what is that i am doing wrong here ?
> Hi, Kiran-
> The base tag "specifies an absolute URI that acts as the base URI for 
> resolving relative URIs".  To me, that means you should include the 
> protocol and the domain name (e.g. 
> href="").  Also, in my 
> experience, the trailing slash is required by some browsers.
> Hope that helps.
> -Terence Bandoian
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