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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat 7 service not starting
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2012 19:14:48 GMT
Debbie Shapiro wrote:
> I'm not sure what the logs are supposed to look like in other implementations as I've
only ever used Tomcat with Inetsoft.

About the multiple restart issue : I was merely curious on that one.  It has nothing to do

with the InetSoft application, nor (I think) with Tomcat.
What seemed strange to me is this :
- the Tomcat Windows Service was started, and it crashed (because of the problem with the

JVM, now corrected)
- but then, without apparently further intervention on your part, it tried to start again

after 10-15 seconds, and crashed again.
- and then it tried to start again, and crashed again.

So, unless you repeatedly clicked yourself on the "Start" button of the service, what 
caused it to try to start again repeatedly by itself ?
Normally, as far as I know, when a Windows Service crashes, it stays crashed until you do

something about it; but here it didn't..

But as I mentioned, this was just curiosity on my part, nothing essential.

  Could you specify what looked off? Maybe I can ask them what it is doing. I don't think

we have any special settings in our Windows OS that would cause unusual behavior.
> Yes, the sree.log is indeed in the classes folder. That is where InetSoft records its
activity. This is the vendor code, not anything I have developed. I've been using the tool
for a number of years now without any major issues. What kind of issues would you expect to
see due to this? Maybe I can ask them about that as well.

About the location of the "sree.log" file :
It is unusual for server applications to put a logfile in the same directory as the 
"programs" (in this case, the InetSoft web application's java classes).
For one thing, it makes the logfile harder to find, because no programmer or sysadmin 
would at first think of looking for a logfile there.
Then, since it's location is not obvious, this file may grow and grow over time without 
being noticed, until the disk is full, and cause some other unexpected issues.

It looks like the location of the logfile may be specified in the "properties" file that 
is mentioned somewhere in the logs.  The default may be "here" (where the classes are), 
but it may be better to change this, to be for example in the same directory as the Tomcat

logs.  You can probably ask InetSoft about this.

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