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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Problem running my webapp with Tomcat Security Manager enabled (Windows Vista)
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2012 08:03:27 GMT wrote:
> Basically, I've created a webapp which runs fine on my development 
> machine, but our actual hosting is shared (and uses a Security Manager) 
> and some new libraries we're using throws up loads of exceptions which 
> we need to replicate locally, hence the need for me to activate the 
> Security Manager.
> If it makes things any simpler, the webapp runs as the root context. Any 
> chance you could help me out with the code I need for catalina.policy?

This is a long and tedious process, if you want to do it right.  And it would require an 
in-depth knowledge of the application, which nobody else but you has.

Basically, the Security Manager provides a kind of "sandbox" around the applications, 
German-like : everything which is not specifically allowed, is forbidden.
So you have to know what all the various permissions are, and then know what your 
application requires specifically.
There are examples at the end of the standard catalina.policy file, and I'm sure that by 
googling a bit on the names which you see there, you'll find what you need.

Of course, a shortcut would be :

grant codeBase "file:${catalina.home}/webapps/<yourapp>/-" {     (*)

but then one could wonder why bothering to use a Security Manager at all..

(*) <yourapp> here being ROOT

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