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From Ognjen Blagojevic <>
Subject Re: SSL Configuration Errors
Date Mon, 09 Jan 2012 23:18:33 GMT

On 9.1.2012 20:40, Justin Larose wrote:
> This seems to be the problem. How do I set my imported cert as a "key
> entry" or get Tomcat to read it as a CertEntry?

You must use the same keystore and same alias when you:

1. generate key,
2. generate csr,
3. import certificate.


keytool -genkey ... -keystore xxx.jks -alias yyy
keytool -certreq ... -keystore xxx.jks -alias yyy

and later

keytool -import -trustcacerts ... -keystore xxx.jks -alias yyy

Same keystore, same alias in all three invocations of keytool.


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