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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: RE : mod_jk linux binaries
Date Sat, 07 Jan 2012 14:11:04 GMT
Apologies if you already know this, or if it is not relevant to your particular case.
Many Linux distributions (*) already provide pre-packaged binaries for Apache httpd, 
Tomcat and mod_jk.
There is a lot of debate always about whether one should use these pre-packaged versions,

or download the sources and build the packages oneself, and I don't want to enter into 
that discussion here.  They are generally not the latest cutting-edge version, but they 
generally work, individually and together, and are easier to install and maintain if you 
have a lot of systems to manage.
One inconvenient is that they tend to distribute the files in not-always-obvious 
locations, so that when you have a problem, it makes it harder for people here to help, or

to locate things and apply individual corrections.
Basically thus, it is your choice, according to your particular situation it may make 
things easier or not.

(*) Unfortunately, one which does not seem to do so anymore is RedHat RHEL.

Olivier MENUEL wrote:
> ok
> Thank you very much for your answer
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> De : Christopher Schultz []
> Date d'envoi : vendredi 6 janvier 2012 22:09
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> Objet : Re: mod_jk linux binaries
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> Olivier,
> On 1/6/12 5:49 AM, Olivier MENUEL wrote:
>> But I wish to package the binaries with my application to
>> distribute them to my partners. I was hoping I could find binaries
>> for all environments (it will take me some time to build them on
>> each possible environment)
> Why do you think the ASF stopped building binaries for *NIX systems?
> It's for the same reason that you don't want to build all of those
> combinations...
> You can have your build process grab the latest version of mod_jk
> source and build it locally if you want.
>> Has apache completely stopped distributing linux binaries since
>> 1.2.32 ?
> Yes.
>> Or will they be available later ?
> No.
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