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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject 7.0.22+ fd leak with APR/native
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2012 21:17:58 GMT
I am trying to bring together all the information I have gleaned on this
so far from the multiple threads to try and find the common factors.

So far I have:
- 7.0.21 is OK
- 7.0.22 has an fd leak
- 7.0.23 has an fd leak and may leak faster than 7.0.22
- occurs with APR/native
- does not occur with BIO
- has been observed in HTTP & HTTPS
- use of Comet does not trigger it
- use of compression does not trigger it
- separate connection and keep-alive timeouts does not trigger it

It may be related to POST processing.

I have tried (and so far failed) to reproduce this. I'll be looking at
POST processing next. In the meantime, here are some further questions
to try and narrow things down:

1. Does the application where this is observed make use of Servlet 3.0
async requests?

2. Does this leak occur when the NIO connector is used?

3. Are there any exceptions in the logs that weren't present in 7.0.21
or earlier?

4. Does the leak occur if sendfile is disabled?

I also have reviewing the 7.0.21 to 7.0.22 changes on my todo list but
there are quite a few as I was refactoring the connectors to reduce code
duplication and ironically, reduce maintenance requirements, at the time.

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