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Subject AW: AW: How much connections are handled per thread?
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2011 07:22:22 GMT
Hello Chris,

you helped me enough with all the infos or hints you and the other persons on this list have
I can't provide any code, because I am not allowed to do so. My work is to try to prove that
it is not 
our infrastructure including tomcat which does create this issue.
Until now I am not that firm in java-coding so I think searching in the applications code
would be 
useless at least for me and it is not my job. Like I said before you all helped me much, now
it is time 
for the developers to check.

Kind regards any have a nice Christmas.


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On 12/20/11 11:11 AM, wrote:
> I tried everything the last half year to convince him to switch to 
> current tomcat or at least to tomcat 6. It was a waste of energy.

Tomcat 5.5 will experience EOL on 30 September 2012. So, they have about
9 months to get an upgrade into testing before they are flying without a
parachute. Tell them that they can either upgrade while there is support
for the older version, or wait until there is essentially no choice
(some security bug found that will not be fixed) before making a hasty

> But on the other hand I have to prove that it is not tomcats
> failure which causes this issues. *sigh*

One cannot prove a negative. If Tomcat were exchanging parameter
values between requests don't you think the entire world would fall
apart? Given that only your webapp appears to be suffering from this
problem, the logical conclusion is that the problem is in the webapp.
I'm not saying there definitely is NOT a problem with Tomcat, but the
odds are against Tomcat being the problem.

You ave provided virtually no information across both of your
discussion threads other than "we issue request to X and get no
parameter value somewhere". We can't read your code. We can't read
your mind. Given those circumstances, we cannot help you. If you want
to send your developers here so they can give us more information,
maybe we /can/ help.

- -chris
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