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From Marvin Addison <>
Subject Re: Character set issue
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2011 18:09:02 GMT
> /can/ the servlet (or one of the filters)
> do anything that would cause the value of "name1" to /not/ be a correct Java
> "TÜV" string in the servlet ?

Yes, absolutely.  If this is a posted value and some filter fires that
coerces the encoding (e.g. request.getParameter() in the case of POST)
of the request, all subsequent filters and the servlet will see the
string in the encoding of the first filter.  This is why it's
important to set the encoding as early in the servlet processing
pipeline as possible.

For your particular case it's hard to imagine an encoding in practice
that would make that string appear incorrectly.  Both iso-8859-1 and
utf-8 should handle Ü correctly.


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