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From Chema <>
Subject Re: Login fails, then works subsequently (Tomcat 7)
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2011 22:01:30 GMT
You can try to set traces into the code of your realm class, if it's a
custom realm : to watch the query executed ,  to watch the
user/password passed from browser, to catch exceptions and print stack
trace ...
If you dont have a custom realm, you can try to create one for testing

Can you paste your server.xml conf ? Only realm parts (all), without
sensible data

Good luck

2011/12/21 Jerry Malcolm <>:
> About a month ago, I upgraded two different servers from TC 5 to TC 7.  The
> migration went cleanly, and everything has been working fine with the
> exception of one thing.   About 50% of the time, when I log in to the realm
> for my web app (form-based login), the login will fail.  When I try again
> with the same id/pw it works.  I can then log out and log back in
> repeatedly with no problem.  But if I come back later and try to log on
> again, same things.  Fails once, and then passes.
> My authentication configuration hasn't changed for years on these webapps,
> and this has worked solid on TC 5.  My database (MySQL) hasn't changed, and
> the user tables are unchanged.  The only thing that has changed is TC 5-
> -->TC 7.  And the problem has hit both servers, completely independent of
> each other, other than they both got the TC 7 upgrade.
> First of all, has anyone ever heard of this situation?  Second, any idea
> how where/how to turn on detailed tracing/logging of the authentication
> calls to see what might be going on in the authentication code in TC?  The
> only information I'm getting is that the id/pw were not correct.  But
> again, same id/pw becomes correct when I submit it a 2nd time.
> The one thing I didn't change was the MySQL connector.  Should that have
> been changed for TC 7? (Just guessing now)
> Suggestions for how to proceed?
> Thx.
> Jerry

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