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From Chema <>
Subject Re: Login fails, then works subsequently (Tomcat 7)
Date Wed, 21 Dec 2011 22:51:14 GMT
> 10 to 1 you've got stale connections in your pool; first try fails, second
> one gets a fresh connection

I thought the same

Should the driver try to re-establish stale and/or dead connections?
If enabled the driver will throw an exception for a queries issued on
a stale or dead connection, which belong to the current transaction,
but will attempt reconnect before the next query issued on the
connection in a new transaction. The use of this feature is not
recommended, because it has side effects related to session state and
data consistency when applications don't handle SQLExceptions

You can implement your own realm extending DataSourceRealm and
overriding authenticate() method with your traces . And don't forget
to call super.authenticate().

More info:

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