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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Hosted environment
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2011 22:32:01 GMT
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On 12/22/11 7:12 AM, r.sriram wrote:
> And here is the point: However, when I configure exactly the same
> way as foo for a domain name for example, it doesn't
> work. And here is the situation:
> I am using hosted environment with Go Daddy with Plesk 10. This 
> environment has created C:\inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs where 
> index.html resides. When I access from an outside 
> computer, I am expecting it to go to 
> C:\Apache\hosts\\webapps\ROOT, reach web.xml in WEB-INF 
> (and not web-inf) and reach the appropriate servlet for
> processing. But it doesn't, it picks up index.html! Question 1: is
> there any other configuration I need to do. what specifically is it
> and what I need to do there (yes I have limited knowledge and I
> cannot get any more explicit than this).

If you are navigating to and getting index.html
served-up, then you probably either have a mistake in your
welcome-file-list or your servlet-mappings.

We will need to see your web.xml <servlet-mapping> and
<welcome-file-list> sections in order to help you any further.

Also, if there are any redirection filters or anything else relevant
in your web.xml, it might be helpful to post that, too.

So far, you have essentially said the following:

I'm trying to configure Tomcat on Plesk.
I want multiple domains.
I have Tomcat installed in C:\Program Files.
index.html is served and I want my servlet to run instead.

You have provided no configuration information whatsoever. That makes
it difficult to help you. If you give us no information, the best we
can do it refer you to the documentation so you can figure it out for

Regarding what it took for everyone to get to this point:

1. Don't be an ass on the list. You're the one who needs help.
   Getting into a fight with someone on the list won't help you
   at all, and people who can really help will ignore you if
   you behave this way. I sure will.
   If someone says something personally insulting, grow up and
   ignore it.

2. Take the advice that people give you, and give them feedback.
   If you tried something and it didn't work, explain how you
   adapted the suggestion and re-explain the situation, in detail,
   and include specifics about how the situation has changed from
   It seems Pid said something that irritated you, but he has also
   given you some very good suggestions that you don't appear to
   be trying.

- -chris
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