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From "r.sriram" <>
Subject Re: Hosted environment
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2011 12:12:31 GMT

On 12/22/2011 2:45 PM, Pid wrote:
> On 22/12/2011 01:27, r.sriram wrote:
>> you sound quite obnoxious and you don't seem to have any valid answers
>> other than insulting others.
> Oh no, you're quite mistaken, if I was being obnoxious I would be using
> a different tone entirely.  I would probably make some offhand comments
> about limited ability and so forth, but I'm not being obnoxious, I'm
> trying to help you.
great. it is obvious isn't it that I have limited ability in this area; 
I wouldn't be the one asking the questions if I were the expert would I?
>> I need my virtual host to work.
> Plainly.
and it now works, once I put one small change with the last e-mail Mark 
sent. I have configured for localhost foo and it works as expected; 
didn't have a need for anything other than what was there in Mark's 
guide.  thanks Mark.
>> I need to configure Tomcat to make it work.
> Yes, get to the point.
And here is the point: However, when I configure exactly the same way as 
foo for a domain name for example, it doesn't work. And here 
is the situation:

    I am using hosted environment with Go Daddy with Plesk 10. This
    environment has created C:\inetpub\vhosts\\httpdocs where
    index.html resides. When I access from an outside
    computer, I am expecting it to go to
    C:\Apache\hosts\\webapps\ROOT, reach web.xml in WEB-INF
    (and not web-inf) and reach the appropriate servlet for processing.
    But it doesn't, it picks up index.html! Question 1: is there any
    other configuration I need to do. what specifically is it and what I
    need to do there (yes I have limited knowledge and I cannot get any
    more explicit than this). 

>> Mark provided specific steps and I followed it, but it didn't
>> work.
> You need to do more than blindly copy instructions without understanding
> them.
>> I need specifically why it didn't work.
> Because a) you follow the instructions incorrectly and b) you completely
> ignored the simple explanation and hints I was giving you.
not important so I will let this pass.
>> do you have any suggestions, or you can let others answer.
> Re-read the emails I sent in this thread.  One at a time.
> When you've done what I suggested come back and let us know.
I did, quite thoroughly and I am none the wiser.
>> and bottom-posting annoys me.
> This comment is childish.  The reason that most of us don't like to see
> top-posting is that this is a public mailing list and anyone could be
> reading the conversation at some point in the future to learn from
> someone else's experience.
> If the conversation flow jumps up&  down the page, it makes it much,
> much harder to follow.
> As you are not paying for the expert help you're getting here, you might
> consider that the price is doing things our way.
got it. I felt the same way about your top-posting comment. I now know 
the reason for that comment and definitely makes sense and will follow 
it rigorously, for sure. I have used this forum for 10+years but 
infrequently and so have not picked up the unwritten etiquette. and 
quite correct about the expert advice I am getting in this forum and the 
need to follow the etiquette.
looking forward to getting the expert advice that will get me up and 
> p
>> On 12/21/2011 11:19 PM, Pid wrote:
>>> On 21/12/2011 17:38, r.sriram wrote:
>>>> is it possible for you to give me steps on what I should do please to
>>>> make the virtual host work.
>>>> I have domain name, and  (for example). For this what
>>>> should the setup be so, and take me to the
>>>> servlet appropriate for each?
>>> Please, *please*, stop top-posting.  It's lazy, it makes it harder for
>>> people to follow the conversation and it annoys me.
>>> What are you not clear about?
>>> Ask specific questions and we will provide specific answers.
>>> p
>>>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>> On 12/21/2011 10:09 PM, Pid wrote:
>>>>> On 20/12/2011 11:55, Pid wrote:
>>>>>> On 20/12/2011 09:21, r.sriram wrote:
>>>>>>> Thanks Andre.
>>>>>>> a few quick questions.
>>>>>>> Questions with respect to your response:
>>>>>>> Your response:
>>>>>>>       <Host name=""... appBase="/path1/webapps/"
>>>>>>>       ...
>>>>>>>       </Host>
>>>>>>>       <Host name=""... appBase="/path2/webapps/"
>>>>>>>       ...
>>>>>>>       </Host>
>>>>>>> Questions:
>>>>>>>     * which is the file where I should add these lines
>>>>>>     tomcat/conf/server.xml
>>>>>>>     * Is host1:www. If not what is it?
>>>>>> I don't know what that means.
>>>>>>>     * does path1, path2 etc. start at CATALINA_HOME?
>>>>>> See below.
>>>>>>>     * Is there any other configuration change that I need to
>>>>>> Yes, you will need to configure the connection between HTTPD and
>>>>>> Tomcat,
>>>>>> using mod_proxy or mod_jk.
>>>>>>> My Situation
>>>>>>> Tomcat will be installed in directory let us say in Program Files
>>>>>>> (*86)
>>>>>>> directory. That will have the web-inf directory.
>>>>>> WEB-INF, not web-inf.
>>>>>>> Each domain has its own root, let us say: ..\\httpdocs,
>>>>>>>\httpdocs etc.
>>>>>> In that case, there should also be:
>>>>>>     ..\\appBase
>>>>>>     ..\\appBase
>>>>> Like I said here ^^^
>>>>>>> Questions:
>>>>>>>     * should I copy WEB-INF directory from C:\Program Files
>>>>>>>       (x86)\apache-tomcat-6.0.33\webapps\ROOT\ to each of
>>>>>>>       ..\\httpdocs,\httpdocs etc.
>>>>>> No. Definitely not.
>>>>>> A web application is not the same as a document root.
>>>>>> You should move the whole of ROOT to the appBase described above.
>>>>> and here ^^^
>>>>> p
>>>>>>> On 12/19/2011 1:12 PM, André Warnier wrote:
>>>>>>>> r.sriram wrote:
>>>>>>>>> Hello,
>>>>>>>>> I am setting up my multiple domains on Go Daddy. In my
>>>>>>>>> in-house windows server my Tomcat is on Program Files
(86) and the
>>>>>>>>> ROOT is in C:\Program Files (x86)\apache-tomcat-6.0.33\webapps
>>>>>>>>> directory. That is where WEB-INF is, that is what is
my actual path
>>>>>>>>> for all files that gets picked up by my web pages (including
>>>>>>>>> servlets).
>>>>>>>>> In Go Daddy, there would be different ROOTs for each
>>>>>>>>> (../<domain>/httpdocs) But there would be one Tomcat
>>>>>>>>> can Tomcat be installed in Program Files (86), and the
>>>>>>>>> and
>>>>>>>>> all the files needed for the domain be placed in ../<domain
>>>>>>>>> name>/httpdocs?
>>>>>>>>> Thanks.....Ram
>>>>>>>> Sure. Look at virtual hosts, here :
>>>>>>>> (and their appBase attribute)
>>>>>>>> <Host name=""... appBase="/path1/webapps/"
>>>>>>>> ...
>>>>>>>> </Host>
>>>>>>>> <Host name=""... appBase="/path2/webapps/"
>>>>>>>> ...
>>>>>>>> </Host>
>>>>>>>> etc..
>>>>>>>> I suggest to leave the default<Host name="localhost" ..>
   as it is,
>>>>>>>> and just add the others.
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