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From Brian Burch <>
Subject Re: Login fails, then works subsequently (Tomcat 7)
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2011 02:22:11 GMT
On 22/12/11 06:39, Jerry Malcolm wrote:
> About a month ago, I upgraded two different servers from TC 5 to TC 7.  The
> migration went cleanly, and everything has been working fine with the
> exception of one thing.   About 50% of the time, when I log in to the realm
> for my web app (form-based login), the login will fail.  When I try again
> with the same id/pw it works.  I can then log out and log back in
> repeatedly with no problem.  But if I come back later and try to log on
> again, same things.  Fails once, and then passes.
> My authentication configuration hasn't changed for years on these webapps,
> and this has worked solid on TC 5.  My database (MySQL) hasn't changed, and
> the user tables are unchanged.  The only thing that has changed is TC 5-
> -->TC 7.  And the problem has hit both servers, completely independent of
> each other, other than they both got the TC 7 upgrade.
> First of all, has anyone ever heard of this situation?  Second, any idea
> how where/how to turn on detailed tracing/logging of the authentication
> calls to see what might be going on in the authentication code in TC?  The
> only information I'm getting is that the id/pw were not correct.  But
> again, same id/pw becomes correct when I submit it a 2nd time.
> The one thing I didn't change was the MySQL connector.  Should that have
> been changed for TC 7? (Just guessing now)
> Suggestions for how to proceed?
> Thx.
> Jerry

When I was working on a NonLoginAuthenticator problem with the 
SingleSignOn Valve, I noticed behaviour similar to that described when 
interacting with FormAuthenticator.

I didn't want to get side-tracked from my primary problem, so I didn't 
investigate it thoroughly. I also have a bad memory, but I /think/ I 
remember the symptoms were caused by the browser sending an SSO cookie 
associated with a session which had previously expired. The login 
failure was because the FormAuthenticator did not handle this situation 
gracefully. As you discovered, the second attempt is successful because 
the SingleSignOn Valve deletes the expired cookie as part of the initial 
error response. This means the second login attempt proceeds without the 
browser sending any SSO cookies and so starts again "from scratch".

Of course, if you haven't enabled SSO, then all the above is narrative 
is irrelevant! On the other hand, if you have enabled SSO, then you can 
confirm my theory with either a wireshark trace, or by turning on debug 
logging for SSO and FormAuthenticator - both classes provide detailed 
logging, but it isn't very helpful unless you understand the logic flow 
and interactions between these two classes.

I think it should be possible to make the handling of expired SSO 
cookies more more graceful, i.e. bounce directly back to the login form 
rather than display the error response. However, if only you and me care 
about it, then I have more important things to work on!



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