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From "Aitor Garcia |" <>
Subject Re: dbcp is mixing up connections
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2011 09:31:51 GMT

I'm just declaring variables there, no putting logic.

You had overlooked log4jdbc, if you have read books in the same way....

Library log4jdbc is COOL! Works very Well, is really a good library that 
helps me a lot, without it I cannot see what really is happening behind 
the scenes. Bravo log4jdbc :!!


I had read the same, the first time I started a JSP page and rereaded it 

Maybe I had been never understood how JSP/Beans works or maybe this kind 
programing language simply does not fit.

I'm not an expert but in past I worked a with MVC, Swing and JAVA: Cool 
stuff, but I never have seen how it helps in the web development. Java 
turned into the web, makes huge amount of writing (the exact formula is 
: lines_of_JSP_code = lines_of_PHP_code * 10) & no way to fit 
objects/classes, into Web Application needs. Have you seen Hashes in 
PHP? try to use them in java... Ehhh and don't put an Integer into a 
HashMap and try to get a String!! You have to then Integer Values with a 
Try() Catch(), Swith statement does not support Strings!!!... thinks 
like this fucks a lot!

PHP is a hundred times more versatile for Web, and there is lots and 
lots of support: lib GD is great, making PDFs is preatty simple almost 
every problem you are going to face is resolved and published somewhere, 
you only have to Google a little. I think PHP makes sense, of course in 
conjunction with a good framework.

I'm going to read a lot of books but not about JavaServer(TM) (Oracle).


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> ral people

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