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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: path used for tc-natuve
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2011 14:45:02 GMT
Gregor S. wrote:
> Hi André,

Hi Gregor.

> long time no see ;)

Indeed. Where have you been ?

> You'l only need OpenSSL if you are running a https-connector. if you
> don't use https, you don't need OpenSSL.
I am not using HTTPS, and my problem is not at the /running/ stage.
But from the README, I got the impression that I needed OpenSSL in order to /compile/ 
tc-native.  I tool "OpenSSL" to mean "the OpenSSL sources" or "the OpenSSL headers" or 
ksomething of the kind, and that's when I gave up.
I didn't really read any further, I must admit.

I am not really rational about those things anymore, ever since about a year ago having to

install something at a customer's site under RHEL and under tight security and tight time

constraints, with 3 sysadmins looking over my shoulder, and every damn rpm needing to be 
pre-approved by a team of at least 15 people...
So when I see a phrase like "You may need.." it kind of turns me off, if it is something 
that I do not absolutely need to do.

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