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From Pid <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Silently Dies and then Won't Restart -- Error 1067
Date Sat, 10 Dec 2011 09:01:43 GMT
On 10/12/2011 00:48, wrote:
> ---- "Caldarale wrote: 
>>> From: Robinson, Eric [] 
>>> Subject: RE: Tomcat Silently Dies and then Won't Restart -- Error 1067
>>> Tomcat 6 on our Windows 2003 R2 x64 server runs fine for a 
>>> day or two, then silently dies without leaving any messages
>>> in the log files.
>> Buried somewhere in the Windows (not Tomcat) logs should be more information about
the 1067.  Unfortunately, I don't have a W2K3 box around to figure out how to find them. 
Should be accessible through Admin Tools.
>> I'm wondering if something running on the box has exhausted RAM plus swap space,
making it impossible for Tomcat to continue or restart.
>> - Chuck
> Hi,
> If it's running on Windows, you can try to check the Windows Event Viewer.  You can start
that by doing Start -> Run -> type in "eventvwr" (without the double-quotes), then press
Enter.  It might show some errors (you should check the "Systems" and also the "Applications"),
then you can search for the Event ID and Source, e.g., on, to see if there's info
on it.
> Also, I'm assuming that you said it won't start that you're trying to restart the Tomcat
"service", via the Services applet.  Have you tried just starting the Tomcat from command
line, e.g.:
> - Start a command prompt (Start -> Run -> type in "cmd", then press Enter
> - Change directory to your Tomcat bin directory
> - Type "startup.bat", then press Enter
> See if it starts that way.  Also, note that if you start Tomcat that way, it'll only
continue to run as long as you're logged into your Windows session, but it may give you some
hints about why it might be failing.

1067 is a standard service error AFAIK.

Check to see if the service has actually stopped or whether a bit of it
is still hanging onto a port somewhere.

Also, the tomcat6w.exe service control should allow you to specify the
stdout and stderr log files.  Have you done so?





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