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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 7.0.23 won't start
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2011 18:42:34 GMT
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On 12/8/11 10:04 AM, Jacob Champlin wrote:
> Practical:  This was my sandbox config file.  I switch between 6 
> different applications.  I do this by switching server.xml files
> when I switch projects.  This keeps things minimal (not starting up
> 6 connection pools), its easier to switch one file, and it makes
> restarts faster.

You could do this in other ways. One way I like to do this is with
different CATALINA_BASE structures. This makes upgrading easier (for
me), too. Another way is to move deployment descriptors in-to or
out-of the conf/Catalina/localhost directory. Likewise, you could
choose to include (or not) foo.war in the webapps/ auto-deployment

> Opinion:  I hate over-decomposition and I preferred the days when
> tomcat was only configured with server.xml.

Fair enough.

> Tomcat's configuration is not that complicated, do we really need
> a bunch of configuration [files?]

Modifying server.xml requires a Tomcat restart to re-read the config
file. The other methods offer greater flexibility and are, IMHO,
easier to do, anyway. Also, it's tougher to disable a Tomcat instance
with a broken META-INF/context.xml than it is to disable one with a
broken server.xml.

> Its bad when one thing becomes two, and hence good when two things 
> become one.

I'd argue a negative premise on that one. Dying is bad, but un-dying
is *way* worse. ... mmmm .... brains .....

> bet your also in the micro kernel camp.

Flame bait ignored.

> I know lots of people clamored for being able to configure the 
> connection pool in there war file.

I'm not sure that would have been a good idea, as it's generally a
service offered by "the system" and not configured by the webapp.
Maybe you meant the TC deployment descriptor (context.xml) which can
be totally controlled by the sys admin and need not be in the WAR file

> I don't know why anyone would do this, our WAR file runs in any 
> environment where the jndi name is present.

Yes, that's the point. You're using Recommended Technique(TM).

> They have to build separate WAR files for each environment.

Just because it's Recommended Technique doesn't mean that it's best
and/or appropriate for your (or anyone's) environment. There are
always some good (and usually lots of bad) reasons to deviate from that.

> Basically I think the context.xml is stupid.  If it matters so
> much change the document definition.

Sounds like your webapp doesn't need a context.xml. How's that for
simplicity and ease of configuration?

- -chris
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