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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Character set issue
Date Tue, 06 Dec 2011 21:15:59 GMT
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On 12/6/11 3:09 PM, André Warnier wrote:
> In fact, does anyone in this Tomcat world really know exactly why
> no standardisation committee or group of experts has yet come up
> with an RFC for HTTP 2.0 and an RFC for HTML 10.0 (or whatever the
> next major number is) where the default would be Unicode/UTF-8 for
> *everything* ?

There's no real compelling reason to go to HTTP 2.0 other than maybe
websockets and this particular character encoding issue. Since
everyone would say "oh, well, it's gotta be backward-compatible
anyway" and use HTTP 1.1 defaults for character encoding, it's not
worth it for the encoding issue, and websockets has its own discovery
capabilities so it's not really worth it for that, either.

> This question has been puzzling me for quite some time.
> The amount of time web developers are spending unproductively
> handling these hairy questions of character encodings and
> translations is absolutely stupendous.

That's why I added the "What do I do to just make things work?"
question to the FAQ and suggested using UTF-8 for everything.

Apparently, we need a section called "Okay, I followed the 'make it
work' section and ... it's still not working" for case like the one
you came up with. Sanity check for things like filters in the wrong
order, etc.

> One would think that rather than spending time inventing yet
> another round of servlet specs or html graphic extensions or
> sub-protocol of SOAP or punycode patch on DNS, someone would come
> up with this more fundamental thing, no ? What is it exactly that
> does not allow this to happen ?

Inertia :)

> Can anyone propose an RFC?

Yes, but I'm sure that the IETF doesn't assign every crazy idea an RFC:

> If yes, any interest by anyone here in participating in such a
> submission?

Meh. *shrugs*

- -chris
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