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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Do any of the Tomcat LDAP-type realms support "no password" authentication?
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2011 20:30:49 GMT wrote:

.. re-synchronising..
> I've made some progress.  I have a VirtualHost, so I had to add a "JkMountCopy 'on'"
inside the <VirtualHost>, and now, it's at least proxying through to the Tomcat using
> BUT, it's still not logging me into the Tomcat :(...
> I don't want to post the entire jk.log, so can someone point me to what to look for in
there, maybe?

Ok, so let's now continue on the mod_jk track, since you've got that part running.

What you are looking for, is an AJP "request attribute" named "remote_user" (lowercase), 
in the packets which mod_jk sends to Tomcat.
I don't know if that would be in the log, nor if there is any way to coerce mod_jk into 
putting it in the log.

But since your Tomcat is not authenticating, chances are that it isn't there.

So let's try to cheat, and force it to be there.
In your Apache configuration, add this line :

JkEnvVar remote_user "blablabla"

and let's see what happens.

(and after that, we'll try mod_rewrite or a combination)

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