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From André Warnier>
Subject Re: Tomcat Logging and HTTP Header question
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2011 14:19:30 GMT
jmpaul012 wrote:
> So I am doing Tomcat STIGS and I am stuck on two of the STIGs.

It would be nice to explain acronyms, so that nincompoops like me would understand what's

going on without consulting Wikipedia..

> 1.  How do I change what tomcat logs?  I think it's something I need to do
> in server.xml but I'm not sure.  This is what I need to log:
> • Date, Time
> • IP address of the host that initiated the request
> • User ID supplied for HTTP authentication
> • HTTP Method
> • URL in the request
> • The protocol and protocol version used to make the request
> • Source and destination port numbers
> • Status codes for the response
> • Size of the response in bytes
> • HTTP Status and Referrer for the following events:
> - Successful and unsuccessful attempts to access the web server software.
> - Successful and unsuccessful attempts to access the web site.
> - Successful and unsuccessful attempts to access the web application.
Logging successful attempts should be feasible, but I can see problems for Tomcat logging

cases where the request doesn't even make it to Tomcat.

In any case, your first stop should probably be the on-line documentation for the 
AccessLog Valve.

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