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From Mustafa Yuksel <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 6 logging clog
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2011 14:09:42 GMT
Tim Space <qwertypoi75 <at>> writes:

> Here is the result of "ps -aef | grep java"
> ...


I see it has been some time since the last message is posted but I had a similar
problem that took quite an amount of my time. I want to share my experience here.

Most probably, tomcat is not the one to blame here. Especially if you are quite
sure that your conf/ should meet your requirements.

One thing that caused me to blame tomcat was this bug fix: My tomcat version is

After trying many combinations inside tomcat's conf/, I
noticed that I can control the catalina file handler log file (e.g.
logs/catalina.2011-11-03.log), but not logs/catalina.out. As we know,
catalina.out captures logs that are forwarded to STDOUT and STDERR. An excerpt

      org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap "$@" start \
      >> "$CATALINA_OUT" 2>&1 &"

Then I started getting suspicious about the wars (especially the third-party
ones) that I deploy. I did not find any logging properties file directly inside
the wars. Then I started looking all the jars that are included by the wars.
And, bingo!. I found 2 files in 2 jars that come with one of
the wars I deploy (for those that are interested, these are syslog-core and
syslog-mina libraries that are included inside openatna web application). These
logging properties files were overriding the root log level to FINE, like this:


and defining both console handler and file handler. 

I just deleted both property files from the jars and everything is under my
control now. 

Best regards,

Mustafa Yuksel

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